Cost of Attendance Award Budgets – Graduate

What is the Cost of Attendance (COA)?

The COA is an estimate of a students educational expenses for the period of enrollment. The cost of attendance budget is the foundation for establishing a student’s financial need as it sets a limit on the total financial aid a student may receive. This is for the purpose of awarding grants, institutional and campus based aid, federal and private loans, and any other outside resources a student might receive. Students must be enrolled at least half-time and only those credits required for degree completion are eligible for financial aid. Students who have completed their degree requirements are no longer eligible to receive aid.

The following is an explanation of the COA budget components below:

  • Tuition and fees: these are average costs used to determine the maximum amount of aid for which you may be eligible. Actual tuition costs associated with your program of enrollment are provided by the Business Office.
  • Living expenses: the living expense allowance is based on reasonable allowable for a student’s room and board.
  • Books & Supplies: books and supplies are based on required costs for your program of enrollment.
  • Fees: lab, loan, student activity, global health, orientation, graduation and miscellaneous fees

2017–2018 Cost of Attendance Budget

Estimated tuition based on $422 per credit.

Note: Other budget variations may apply. Only those with the highest credit load are not noted here. All students with modified curriculum layouts are subject to cost of attendance budget revisions in order to align course load requirements with appropriate aid eligibility.

Degree Program

Average No.



Books &



ND 4 Year28$35,532$3,000$3,000$23,418$64,950
MSOM 4 Year20$25,380$3,000$3,000$23,418$54,798
MScN 18$22,842$3,000$3,000$23,418$52,260
MScN 2 Year (PT)10$12,690$3,000$3,000$23,418$42,108

Living Expenses Breakdown by Month

Living Expenses

Cost Per Month


Housing (Rent/Mortgage)$1,240Housing
Utilities$ 330Phone $50, Electricity $150, Water/Sewer $90, Garbage $40
Transportation$ 300$75 per week fuel/mass transit
Food$ 400$100 per week
Personal$ 332$83 per week miscellaneous expenses