Cancer Treatment Centers of America Preceptorship

ctca-logoHow much time can be spent at CTCA during a preceptorship?

Generally students are encouraged to come to CTCA for three days.

What type of experience can one expect during the preceptorship?

Students can expect to observe the role of the Naturopathic Doctors at CTCA and how they work within our Patient Empowered Care (PEC) Team model. This includes observing new patient intakes, return patient visits, in-patient consultations, infusion center rounding, PEC team morning perspective meetings, tumor board, breast board, clinical care conferences and observe with our current residents in our employee wellness program. Students will also go on a hospital tour and may observe hospital activities like “Through Your Eyes” – a forum for patients to share their experience at CTCA. Unfortunately students will not have the opportunity to observe surgeries or observe with any of our other specialty physicians. Specialty physician observations are reserved for our residents and staff.

What type of patients will a student see?

In the return patient clinic, students will observe patients with several different types of cancer including and not limited to breast, lung, prostate, pancreatic, colon, brain, ovarian, cervical, melanoma, sarcoma, brain, hematological. They will observe patients at several different stages of diagnoses and at several different phases of treatment process. Students may also observe patients that are admitted as in patients, receiving radiation or in the infusion center when the patients are receiving their chemotherapy.

What are the best times to come during the year?

Anytime! The hospitals are extremely busy every day. The best time of the year to come observe is when our staff is available, ideally not during holiday weeks or conferences like the AANP.

Where are the best places to stay when setting up a preceptorship?

The best place to stay is with one of contracted local hotels as they are close in proximity to the hospitals and most offer shuttle service to and from the hospitals. Once you are have scheduled the dates of the observation we will assist you with booking a discounted hotel and transportation needs.

Would I get a different experience by completing a preceptorship at the different locations?

The model of care will be consistent at all of our CTCA locations that accept students (ERMC, MRMC and SRMC). The experience maybe different based on the fact of observing a variety of different ND’s just as the experience may be different observing 2 different physicians in private practice.

If you are interested in observing at one of our CTCA locations please contact.

  • Dr Marie Winters for an observation at ERMC, Eastern Regional Medical Center in Philadelphia, PA. 215.537.7778
  • Dr Tracey Thomas for an observation at MRMC, Midwestern Regional Medical Center located in Zion, IL. 847.872.6364
  • Dr Sara Gomendi for an observation at SRMC, Southwestern Regional Medical Center in Tulsa, OK. 918.286.5952

Requirements for Preceptorship at CTCA

  • Immunization Records: A copy of your immunization records from the school.
    1. Two step TB test results within last year OR blood test. A positive result must be accompanied with the results of a negative chest radiograph or, if positive for disease, evidence of appropriate medication and medical follow-up – Copy of Test results required.
    2. Results of MMR vaccination – Copy of Official immunization record required.
    3. Results of Varicella vaccination – Copy of Official immunization record required.
    4. Evidence of Hepatitis B immunization – Copy of Immunization record required – or written waiver of vaccination School waiver form suffices.
  • Not required at MRMC Drug Screening*: May not be required at all sites. A positive drug screening result will forfeit the Preceptorship.

Criminal Background Check: Contact the Registrar’s Office to get the results of your background check sent to CTCA (all students receive background checks upon admittance to naturopathic medical school). A letter signed by the Preceptor Coordinator verifying that the student has had a criminal background check and is thereby deemed appropriate for participation in the clinical activities of the naturopathic clinical training program will suffice.

Download the CTCA Preceptorship Information document.

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