Academic Policies

Click a link to view a section NUNM 2016-2017 Academic Policies. You can also access all policies through the University Student Handbook.

Section 3: Student Records and Registration

Section 4: Attendance and Grading

Section 5: Grading and Promotion

Section 6: Advising, Leave of Absence, Withdrawal

Section 7: Technical Standards, Academic and Clinic Progress

Section 8: Change of Track, Change of Degree and Graduation

Section 9: Financial Policies and Fees

Section 10: Financial Aid and Consumer Information

Section 11: Drug-Free Campus Policy

Section 12: Other Student Policies

Section 13: Gender Discrimination and Sexual Misconduct Policy

Section 14: Student Disciplinary Records, Code of Conduct, Honor Code, and Arrest Policy

Section 15: Student Grievance Policy

Section 16: Student Services

Section 17: Student Organizations and Activities

Section 18: Campus Safety and Emergency Procedures

Section 19: University Information

Student Clinic Section

Preceptorship (Community Experience)