NUNM Partners Program Student Rep Opportunities

Seeking Dynamic NUNM Student Rep!

People’s Herbs, a local Portland company, is seeking a dynamic individual whose goals align with our core philosophy of empowering practitioners with knowledge to passionately help us expand an awareness of our mission and products within the NUNM community and beyond.

As the NUNM student rep you will be involved in:

  • Promoting People’s Herbs products to practitioners and students who are interested in implementing them into their practice
  • Managing the presentation of products and materials on campus through announcements, case displays and product sampling at the People’s Herbs table once per month for 3 hours
  • Acting as a liaison with key students, administration and faculty on campus
  • Advising the company of opportunities for timely and effective campus promotions to the students
  • Potentially coordinating educational and informational seminars

Please send a CV and letter of interest to Ben Milosch by August 19, 2016 to be considered for this position

For more information about the NUNM Student Rep position, contact Ben Milosch at 503.761.5346.

To learn more about our company, please visit the People’s Herbs website.

Compensation DOE

Medical Student Representative for ZRT Laboratory

Department: Clinical Consultants

Reports to: Manager, Clinical Consultants

Job Description

Candidate will be a liaison between ZRT Laboratory and the medical school attended. Within the school the student will help answer student questions about hormone testing, consult with ZRT staff for more information if needed, and represent ZRT at appropriate school functions. The candidate will also serve to identify ways that ZRT may become more involved in supporting the medical students, staff, research and school. The student will assist ZRT to better understand the testing needs of future medical professionals.


The ideal candidate will be:

  • a second or third year medical student with interest in endocrinology
  • available for training through teleconferences and webinars for 8-10 hours remotely or train at least 8 hours in person at ZRT Laboratory in Portland, Oregon
  • obtain at least one (1) recommendation from college faculty where attending (forms supplied)
  • responsible, personable and professional


  • Establish ZRT’s presence at the medical school by participating in events, exhibiting and helping identifying areas where ZRT could be involved
  • Represent ZRT at such school occasions where ZRT has an exhibit, including setting up and taking down exhibits, working with ZRT to get the correct materials in a timely fashion, and making sure materials are returned to ZRT in proper condition
  • Represent ZRT informally by answering questions of students and staff, facilitating student and/or staff testing
  • Assist in research on topics generated by ZRT
  • Demonstrate consistently sound judgment, discretion and diplomacy in this position since work performed is often of a sensitive and/or confidential nature
  • Exhibit professionalism in attitude and attire at any school function when representing ZRT

Time Required: 10 hours/month

Compensation: $300/month

If interested in this position, complete the attached forms and references along with your CV and a letter stating how you will accomplish these objectives to : by  5 p.m., Friday, June 10, 2016.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact Dr. Allison Smith at 866-600-1636 or by email at

Student Representative for Priority One Nutritional Supplements, Inc.

Priority One Nutritional Supplements, Inc. would like to thank you for considering being a Student Representative for our company. We are looking for a second or third year student who can make a two-year commitment to this position.

Our mission statement: “Never trade your morals for your goals” will be mirrored in the student selected to represent our brand.

Listed below are the guidelines required for the position. Please read them carefully before considering this position.

  • Email by the 1st of each month, an update of what you plan to do for the month and provide Priority One any other information that may be requested
  • Provide information to our HQ regarding upcoming school functions, seminars, vendor days, graduation dates and any items of interest from Alumni and the medical community
  • All Vendor Fairs & Products Fairs are mandatory for you to staff the booth
  • Once a year it is mandatory that you staff a booth at a convention in your area with our regional sales representative
  • Provide assistance for quarterly Lunch & Learn seminars, including helping coordinate speakers, bring in lunch and be knowledgeable on products presented
  • By the 4th month of your hire date, have a general knowledge of most products
  • Know what products are currently being used in the medicinary and be able to recommend additional P1 products for use, provide guideline as to requirements of your school in order to introduce more products to your medicinary
  • Learn about five new products a month
  • Distribute 15 catalogs monthly
  • Distribute samples of at least one product per month
  • Facilitate two functions each month: vendor fair, raffle, table in hall, hand out samples
  • Provide scheduling of events and dates of functions with at least 4 weeks notice so that supplies can be sent accordingly
  • Provide answers to questions regarding product
  • Understand that a large part of the job requires you to take, submit and distribute orders and to receive and return packages
  • Write one researched article per scholastic year, if asked to do so.
  • Submit a monthly review of what is going on at the school, research being conducted, clinical observations (what outside physicians/graduates may be interested in)
  • Each year your contract will be reviewed and updated, subject to rehire for the next year
  • You agree to be a sole representative of Priority One Nutritional Supplements unless other arrangements have been made
  • You will be required to receive packages at your home from UPS and send packages back by call tag from UPS, dropping returns to a UPS depot in your area
  • Understand that your personal email and phone will be used to conduct business. As such, Priority One will be allowed use your picture and contact information on the website and for advertising.
  • Notify Priority One of new competitor’s new products
  • Provide list of graduates and distribute graduation packets/gift as per school guidelines
  • Provide training, material and assistance up to two months for a new student representative

All student representatives are paid $400 monthly September through June. July and August are considered OFF months.

Payroll is processed on the 5th of every month and checks are sent by mail on the 8th of every month. The settling of your account will be made for each month before your paycheck is sent. Priority One does not take out taxes. You will receive a 1099 at the end of the calendar year, not a W-2.

If you miss more than two consecutive weeks of school for any reason, this will be considered a non-paid month. If you plan to go on vacation, you must communicate your travel dates in advance.

Priority One Nutritional Supplements is here to help you succeed as a student and a future medical professional. If you have any questions regarding product, ingredients, quality control we are here to help. We also have a Naturopathic Physician on staff for technical support:

Dr. John Hahn, ND

Our sales representative has a wealth of knowledge and over 20 years experience and is also available to help you:

George Bynum

If you feel you are able to perform the duties listed above, please call or email me to complete a short application and discuss resume and references.

Kacey Whitman, Student Representative Consultant
800.443.2039 or

Thorne Research is seeking a NUNM Student Representative

We have an opening for a motivated individual to represent Thorne Research on campus. The Thorne Research student rep is responsible for:

  • educating students about Thorne Research products
  • supporting the Thorne Research Medical Affairs staff in obtaining scientific papers from local and online medical libraries
  • taking product orders


Current second- or third-year student (will graduate spring 2017–2018)

Interested Individuals:

E-mail your CV and cover letter to:

Mario Roxas, ND, Director, Research and Development Thorne Research,

Deadline for Applications: Friday, September 25, 2015 | 800.228.1966

Medical Student Representative for Endurance Products Co.

Job Description

Candidate will be a liaison between Endurance Products Co (EPC) and the medical school attended. Within the school the student will help answer student questions about our dietary supplements, consult with medical liaison staff for more information if needed, and represent EPC at appropriate school functions. The candidate will provide feedback to EPC aimed at identifying ways that EPC may become more involved in supporting the medical students, staff, research and school.


  • second or third year medical student with interest in cardiovascular health and functional medicine
  • available for on-site (Tigard) or offsite training for 8-10 hours during initial month of agreement
  • obtain at least two recommendations from college faculty where attending (forms supplied)
  • very responsible and professional, possessing good verbal and written communication skills


  • Establish EPC’s presence at the medical school by participating in events, exhibiting and helping identify areas where EPC could be involved.
  • Learn about EPC products and the published data which support their use.
  • Assist in research on topics which pertain to EPC products as directed by EPC medical liaison.
  • Provide a written email summary of activities and feedback at least once monthly, approximately 100-200 words.
  • Exhibit professionally appropriate attire at any school function when representing EPC.

To apply: contact Tim Polacek,

Time Required: 8-10 hours/month

Compensation: $300/month