State & National Organizations

The following clubs are chapters of either state or national organizations, so their mission statements are tied with the mission statement of the main organization.
Club/Organization Contact
AANP NUNM Chapter Ashley Sullivan
OAAOM Oregon Association of
Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
Adam Burrill
OANP NUNM Chapter Rebecca Principe
NMSA NUNM Chapter – learn more Kyle Meyer, NMSA – NUNM Chapter President

Students Groups – Not SGA Sponsored

The following groups are student groups on campus that are not official SGA-sponsored clubs.

Club/Organization Info / Contact
Environmental Action Committee (EAC) 
Brooke Halgren
The Environmental Action Committee (EAC) is an organized group of students, staff and faculty of National University of Natural Medicine working together as well as in unison with the community of NUNM and the city of Portland at large to reduce the impact our lives have on the environment.
NUNM Students of Color Lilia Alverez
Student Gardener Lupin DeMuth