Community Experience (ComEx) Preceptorship Program

What is ComEx?

While clinical preceptorship is a required component of your naturopathic education, it will also provide some of the most rewarding experiences of your medical school training. The Community Experience (ComEx) provides the opportunity to be mentored by a variety of healthcare providers in diverse clinical settings. You will be expected to integrate the basic and clinical sciences you learn at NUNM with real world clinical scenarios.

Your ComEx preceptor may engage you in all manner of supervised clinical activities, ranging from observation of the preceptor’s patient interactions to participation in patient interviewing, physical and diagnostic examination, and therapeutic interventions. The level of your participation in patient care is dependent upon your preceptor’s licensure as well as their wisdom and discretion.

ComEx provides students with a supervised opportunity to:

  • Observe varied clinical pathologies and development of differential diagnoses
  • Develop and/or observe communication skills during the medical interview
  • Perform and/or observe physical examinations and diagnostic evaluations
  • Develop and/or observe methods for fostering patient rapport and improving patient compliance
  • Observe how a healthcare providers handles difficult patient encounters
  • Deliver and/or observe therapeutic interventions and assess their effectiveness
  • Observe business strategies for creating a successful practice

ComEx Program Contacts

For questions about ComEx program policies:

Carrie Baldwin-Sayre, ND, Associate Dean of Clinical Education
Phone: 503.552.1860
Fax: 503.279.9300

Kate Martinez, Clinical Education Coordinator
Phone: 503.552.1847
Fax: 503.279.9300