Student Requirements for ComEx


Students must meet the following requirements to earn ComEx credit beginning the spring term of their first year:

  1. Successfully complete the first term of ND coursework.
  2. Attend a ComEx program orientation, offered during winter of first year.

ND students meeting these requirements are eligible to earn a maximum of 72 hours for ComEx credit during their first academic year.

Required Hours

  • 216 total hours are required (240 hours for students who matriculated prior to Fall 2015)
  • At least 145 hours must be completed with an approved naturopathic physician.
  • The remaining 71 hours (or 95 if the student matriculated prior to Fall 2015) may be completed with other approved healthcare providers as listed below:
    • MD (Medical Doctor)
    • DO (Osteopathic Doctor)
    • DC (Chiropractic Doctor)
    • DPM (Podiatric Doctor)
    • PA (Physician Assistant)
    • NP, CNM (Nurse Practitioner, Certified Nurse Midwife)
    • PT (Physical Therapist)
    • PsyD, PhD, LCSW, LPC, MFT (Clinical Psychologists only)
  • Students holding another medical degree (e.g., MD, DO, DC) are required to complete only 145 ND hours.
  • Typically, you may spend no less than nine hours and no more than 50 hours with the same ComEx preceptor. In rare circumstances, you may have a very short rotation of eight or fewer than eight hours. You are allowed no more than four rotations of eight or fewer hours, and these rotations do not require Learning Goals or a final Student Evaluation. All other documentation must be completed as required. Students may choose to work more than 50 hours with the same ComEx preceptor, but will not receive credit for the extra hours unless a Petition to Deviate has been approved. Deviation petitions are typically only approved if the student has worked with at least fourĀ other preceptors and is in their final year of school.