Community Hour Booking Request

Community Hour is scheduled weekly for the purpose of sharing information between students and the NUNM administration. Community Hour requests will be accepted starting Week 5 of the prior term. (i.e., request Community Hours for spring term in week 5 of winter). The only exception will be for fall term, Community Hour requests will be accepted as of week 5 in spring.

Note: Due to the abundance of requests and number of clubs, organizations and departments interested in hosting Community Hours, groups are limited to no more than two Community Hours in an academic year. In the chance that cancellations occur, and Community Hours become available, a wait list will be created (groups who have already hosted their two Community Hours will be eligible for the wait list).

We ask that all groups remember Community Hour is an all campus event and we encourage groups to plan their events, speakers and programs to be all inclusive. For more information on the scheduled Community Hours for the year please see the Community Hour page on Moodle.

Request Form

If you are interested in discussing a topic or presenting information please fill out this form, in its entirety. When you click submit it to the Student Activities and Events Coordinator in Student Services.

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