Brant Ashton Memorial Scholarship

The Brant Ashton Memorial Scholarship is a restricted fund of the National University of Natural Medicine, established in memory of Brant Ashton, whose passing came as a result of AIDS -related complications. As a gay man, Brant was keenly aware of the impact of HIV in the gay community. After his own diagnosis of HIV, Brant left his successful business and moved from Toronto, Canada with his life partner to begin his training as a naturopathic physician at the National University of Natural (formerly College) Medicine in Portland, Oregon. Brant had a strong interest in homeopathy and wanted to pursue research in the treatment of AIDS.

The Brant Ashton Memorial Scholarship is available to full-time students of the National University of Natural Medicine. The scholarship is specifically established to assist those students whose studies include homeopathy and who also intend to do AIDS treatment and research, or work with those who have an HIV/AIDS related illness.

Students may receive this scholarship for their 4th year or greater.

All students receiving financial aid will have all scholarships included as part of their award package. This scholarship considers financial need. Students may provide information to be used in determining financial need, if desired. We encourage all students to complete the FAFSA application online with the NUNM school code of B07624.


  • Complete the online scholarship application, including the two general questions.
  • This scholarship is made available to all 4–Year Program students entering their third year, and 5–Year Program and 6–Year Dual–Track Program students entering their fourth year.
  • Demonstrated interest and success in homeopathy courses.
  • Demonstrated interest and success in HIV /AIDS related treatment and research.


A $1,500 scholarship awarded to one student for the 2018–2019 academic year.

Application Instructions

Limit your answers to one page, or approximately 500 words for each question.

Special Essay Questions

  1. Propose a clinical treatment for an HIV patient and defend your choice with analysis and assessment.
  2. Choose a research article and highlight the development this research has brought to the treatment of HIV/AIDS.
  3. Please describe any experience or interest that you have in homeopathy. Candidates who have interest and training in homeopathy will be given additional consideration but all applicants will be considered.