Finding Local Community

Building community and social support outside of NUNM can help with a sense of support and actually aid in being more successful. These resources and links are not sponsored by NUNM and NUNM is not liability for quality or accuracy of events

Cultural Diversity Resources

Center for Intercultural Organizing

School of Gender, Race, and Nations at Portland State University

Includes Black, Chicano, Queer, and Women’s Studies departments and resources events. Visit the school’s website.

Culture- and Ethnicity-Specific Community Resources and Events

Oregon & Washington Asian organizations, associations, and churches

Multnomah County Community Resources Database

Oregon DHS Directory of Community Resources. Cultural organizations statewide and by county (NUNM is in Multnomah county)

Portland State University Institute for Asian Studies

Specific Local Organizations

Download a list of organizations

Community Centers

City of Portland Community Center Directory – by Neighborhood

In Other Words Feminist Community Center (and famous bookstore) Events Calendar

Portland State University Multicultural Center Events Calendar

Q Center- LGBTQ Community Center and Resources Events Calendar

LGBTQ Resources

Portland Front Runners– LGBTQ Running Group

Portland’s Gay Yellow Pages

Portland PLFAG- Central Portland, East Portland, and Black Chapters

Q Center- Portland LGBTQ Resources Directory

Sexual Minority Provider Alliance– LGBTQ mental health database

Religious and Spiritual Communities

Directory of Portland Religious and Spiritual Centers (Includes most major religious affiliations)

Directory of LGBTQ Affirming/Welcoming Religious & Spirituality Resources

Meditation Groups and Resources

Retreat Centers of Oregon