Information for ComEx Preceptors

Thank you for your interest in the NUNM ComEx (Community Experience) Preceptor Program. We appreciate your dedication to the education of future naturopathic physicians and for freely sharing your time and expertise with our medical students.

A preceptorship is a mentoring experience in which a practicing healthcare provider in the community volunteers to give personal instruction, training, and supervision to a medical student. As you know, the clinical preceptorship is an integral part of undergraduate medical education. Preceptors may engage students in a variety of clinical activities, including observation of your practice, medical history-taking, physical and diagnostic examinations, and the observation or participation in therapeutic interventions and patient education. With the ability to participate in patient care in a “real world” setting, a student’s preparation for their own practice is vastly expanded.

Certainly the biggest reward a ComEx preceptor receives is the experience of assisting a medical student to learn and grow in the profession. It is especially exciting when the student is able to see the application of the art and science of medicine in practice. Furthermore, you will find yourself in a learning mode as well, as the teacher often learns a great deal more than the student. To assist with developing your skills as a clinical preceptor, we have created the ComEx Preceptor Manual with details about our program, as well as advice and guidance on being an effective preceptor.

Your guidance of our medical students is the highest form of professionalism, and is greatly respected by our faculty and administration. Your leadership builds student development of critical thinking, decision-making, professional role, and organizational abilities. Your generosity teaches students to actively give back to the profession. For all those things and more we thank you!

Carrie Baldwin-Sayre, ND
Associate Dean of Clinical Education, College of Naturopathic Medicine

Benefits to ComEx Preceptors

Download a list of ComEx Preceptor benefits.

ComEx Preceptor Eligibility

  • ComEx preceptors will work in a clinical capacity and hold one of the following degrees or license designations as follows:
    • ND (Naturopathic Doctor)
    • MD (Medical Doctor)
    • DO (Osteopathic Doctor)
    • DC (Chiropractic Doctor)
    • DPM (Podiatric Doctor)
    • PA (Physician Assistant)
    • NP, CNM (Nurse Practitioner, Certified Nurse Midwife)
    • PT (Physical Therapist)
    • PsyD, PhD, LCSW, LPC, MFT (Clinical Psychologists only)
    • DPT (Doctor of Physical Therapy)
  • ComEx preceptors will hold a current license to practice in their state, country or province of residence, unless there are no licenses granted in that state. NDs practicing in states without licensure laws must be a graduate of an accredited naturopathic medical school. If the healthcare provider is unlicensed, students may only observe and not participate in patient care in any way. Healthcare providers practicing in countries outside the U.S. must present proof of licensure or permission to practice in that country by the Ministry of Health or equivalent government body.
  • Preceptors will have at least two years’ experience practicing in their licensed field.

ComEx Preceptor Responsibilities

All ComEx Preceptors should be aware of the responsibilities of that position. Please review the ComEx Preceptor Responsibilities document. All ComEx Preceptors must renew their application every three years and update our office if any there is change to contact information, licensure, or malpractice coverage status.Please review the ComEx Preceptor Responsibilities document

ComEx Preceptor Documentation Requirements

All preceptors: An application must be submitted and approved prior to the first student shift at your clinic/hospital.

For rotations of greater than 8 total hours.

  1. Learning Goals: the student will complete this document in advance and present it to the preceptor on day one of the rotation for signature. The preceptor may optionally add their own goals for the student’s learning to this document.
  2. Student Evaluation and Tracking Log: The student evaluation is crucial for student learning and improvement. This should be completed at the end of the rotation, discussed with the student, and returned to the Clinical Education Coordinator or faxed to 503.279.9300. The student’s tracking log of hours should be verified, signed and given back to the student for submission.
  3. Reflection and Goals Assessment: The student is required to fill out this form and submit it with their paperwork. The preceptor is not required to review this or sign off on it.

For rotations of 8 total hours or less.

  1. Learning Goals and Student Evaluation are optional.
  2. Tracking Logs (page three of the Student Evaluation and Tracking Log) should be verified, signed, and given back to the student for submission at the end of the rotation.
  3. Reflection and Goals Assessment: The student is required to fill out this form and submit it with their paperwork. The preceptor is not required to review this or sign off on it.

ComEx Program Contacts

Carrie Baldwin-Sayre, ND, Associate Dean of Clinical Education
Phone: 503.552.1860 | Fax: 503.279.9300

Kate Martinez, ND Clinical Education Coordinator
Phone: 503.552.1847 | Fax: 503.279.9300