NUNM Food as Medicine Institute – Team Member 18/19

Effective Date: July 2, 2018

NUNM Department or Location:
NUNM Food as Medicine Institute

Assist with Food As Medicine Everyday (FAME) series.   FAME is an 8- 12-week community-based nutrition and cooking program.

Position will include:

  • reviewing FAME curriculum and recipes
  • work with your designated FAME team to assist the lead FAMI physician/nutritionist for 12 weeks
  • engage with class participants
  • lead cooking stations and guide class participants in weekly recipe
  • assist with weekly set-up and clean-up of workshop
Current student at NUNM. Send resume and brief introduction letter to Julie Marks. Must interview/meet with the FAMI physician or nutrition coordinator. Preferred strong interest in whole foods nutrition and creative cooking skills. Experience working in diverse communities. Ability to work as a team. Ability to commit 3-4 hours per week for the designated academic quarter. Ability to coordinate transportation to external FAME sites.
Quarter Needed:
Full Year
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