NUNM School of Graduate Studies – TA – Higgins 18/19

Effective Date: July 2, 2018

NUNM Department or Location:
NUNM School of Graduate Studies

TA will follow outlined rubrics to review and assess many of the assignments for these courses under the supervision of faculty.

Assist with the administering of course material, assignments, exams and grading of assignments and exams.

TA will input grades into an Excel spreadsheet.

TA may assist in gathering additional lecture-related articles, reading materials, etc.

The set up and clean up of the room (where applicable).

During hands-on class time, TA will give help to students, answer their questions.

During lecture time, TA will track students’ class participation in addition to taking notes from lecture to be utilized in future quizzes.

TAs need to be on time to class and adequately prepared (i.e. complete assigned readings according to students class schedule).

TAs will set up and clean up of room, assist with the administering and grading of exams.

Teaching assistants are required to have been awarded the designation of "Assistant Instructor of Shen-Hammer Pulse Diagnosis" prior to being reviewed for the position. They must also have permission from the work study supervisor and the class instructor.
Quarter Needed:
Full Year
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