NUNM School of Graduate Studies TA – Psychology of Eating -White 18/19

Effective Date: July 2, 2018

NUNM Department or Location:
NUNM School of Graduate Studies

GSN517 Psychology of Eating

TA will follow outlined rubrics to review and assess many of the written assignments/ projects for this course under the supervision of faculty. (For this, TA may need to revisit the course structure and course material from previous terms from Moodle and participate with faculty in reviewing the updated course work) TA may need to attend weekly lecture – be on time to class and adequately prepared (to be discussed)

TA will input grades into an Excel spreadsheet

TA will assist in grading multiple choice, short answer exams

TA may assist in gathering additional lecture-related articles

Potential TAs will have already successfully completed this course and should have an interest in a professional future within academia. Position is available Winter Term 2019. Please contact Dr WendyLeigh White for further information:
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