A#1- Student special interest program assistant!

Effective Date: July 2, 2018

NUNM Department or Location:
Student Life

Do you see a gap in the learning? Do you have a passion that you want to share? Is there a special interest that you think students would be interested in? Great!

Looking for students to share their insights, expertise, passion, ideas and/or energy with the rest of the student body.

This position is open to all kinds of ideas to generate offerings for students. Some ideas have been:

Raising awareness around health at every size (body shaming) or nutrition related to eating disorders (is it always good to promote loosing weight?). Coordinate speakers through community hour, make awareness posters to hang around campus, put on a presentation yourself…. etc…

– Bringing exercise to campus by putting on a great work out video and coordinating the time and space for others to join or finding exercise professionals to come put on a class, or leading one yourself! With no gyms in the area this would be a fun way to bring exercise to the campus!

– Leadership trainings: Coordinate various offerings for different leadership skills like delivering difficult news as a practitioner, conflict resolutions, managing a team…. or other leadership topics.

I see you, the student, as the expert for identifying the needs of the students. You know what could make a difference for students. Let’s join forces and employ you through work study to help make these ideas a reality!

This job is meant to enhance your own learning while enhancing the student life experience for others as well.

While in the office you would also be expected to serve as reception and to assist with light office details. However, the bulk of your job is to coordinate ideas like those listed above or to come up with your own.

What do you see that would benefit the students?

Must be make NUNM self driven and motivated to help other students. But be reliable, friendly and a good communicator.    
Quarter Needed:
Full Year
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