Preceptor Lottery Request Form

REQUIRED INFORMATION – please complete all of the fields in this section. Students graduating during the current academic year will be given first priority.

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Scheduling Options

Refer to the Preceptor Lottery Schedule, available on Moodle under Clinic Resources/Clinic Schedules, when completing the fields below. Only requests for physicians from the lottery schedule, taking note of their location and availability, will be considered.

I am interested in working with the following physician(s) from the preceptor lottery schedule. (list physician name and preferred shift)

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Note: Once you have accepted a placement with a preceptor, you are under a professional obligation to attend that rotation. If you develop a conflict with the timing of that preceptorship, you may swap with another eligible student no later than two weeks prior to the start of the rotation. Cancellations or switches after that date are subject to 10 docked preceptor hours and a referral to the Honor Council for unprofessional conduct.