Section 18: Campus Safety and Emergency Procedures

18.1 Lost or Stolen Items

NUNM is not responsible for lost or stolen items. It is important for students to be aware of their belongings everywhere on- or off-campus, including any health center. Lost and found for the NUNM campus is located in the Security Office. Lost and found for the NUNM Health Centers–Lair Hill are located upstairs near the central clinic conference rooms.

Please report all thefts to the NUNM Security Office within 24 hours. Incident reports can be filed online through the Incident Report form found at the bottom of the NUNM website page – “Incident Reporting Form” or at Simplicity Advocate Reporting website.

18.2 Campus Safety and Security

NUNM is committed to providing a safe and healthy campus. Any unsafe incident, crime or injury-causing accident must be reported immediately to the campus safety officer. Emergency procedures are posted at each entrance to the campus and clinic, and at many other prominent locations. A contracted security service is available 24 hours per day to address unanticipated security or facilities issues. On-site security is available for evening, weekend and special events. Hospital service is available within 10 minutes of all campus locations. The campus director of security is available year-round to assist with personal security issues, crime prevention and general information. Campus and Safety Security may be reached at: 503.830.3613. NUNM also has an emergency pager number for after-hour emergencies: 503.914.1144.

NUNM has an established safety committee composed of staff, management and student representatives. The safety committee reviews policies and procedures, and recommends corrective actions in the areas of hazard assessment and control, safety and health planning, accident/incident investigations, and student and employee training. The committee addresses issues as needed. Student representatives are voted onto the committee each year by student elections.

18.3 Student Injury on Campus

Students participate in several courses that require the student to receive medical treatments. Students participating in these exercises agree to assume the risk of potential injury. Students participating in such exercises may be required to sign a document releasing the university from liability.

In the event of injury, NUNM policy and procedures are as follows:

  1. Stay calm. Assess the situation. If the injury is serious or life threatening, or if you are unsure, call 911.
  2. If the injury occurs during class time or on a clinic shift, the supervising faculty member should perform any indicated emergency or acute medical responses (e.g., assess the injury, stop bleeding, apply ice, immobilize the injured, etc.).
  3. Once the situation is stable, the faculty member should contact the NUNM Security Office and file an incident report. The “Incident Report” form can be found at the bottom of the NUNM website page—“Incident Reporting Form” or follow this link:
  4. Should the injured person need further medical treatment, the faculty member and security personnel should assist in finding and getting the person to a care facility or contacting emergency services (EMS) if necessary. If a student is injured on NUNM property, they may be taken to a care facility other than an NUNM Health Center.
  5. If the injury occurs outside of a classroom or clinic, but on campus, the injured student should report it to security. Security may assist with first aid and, if requested, may assist in finding and getting the injured person to a care facility.
  6. Once the medical situation is over, an incident report must be completed. If the injury occurred during a class or on a clinic shift, the supervising faculty member should complete the form online. If the injury did not occur during a class or clinic shift, the student should complete the incident report and send it to the security chief.
  7. Copies of incident reports will be forwarded via the Advocate system to the following depending on the nature of the injury:
    1. Classroom injuries will go to the program dean.
    2. Clinic injuries will go to the chief medical officer.
  8. If the student misses class or clinic time as a result of needing medical care, a petition for an excused absence, with appropriate documentation, should be completed and submitted to the Center for Academic Success and/or the registrar.

18.4 Missing Student Notification

The safety of NUNM students is critical and if a student is believed to be missing, immediate steps will be taken to locate the student. A student may be considered missing if:

  • The student is unreachable by phone, electronic communication (email, text, etc.), or in person for 24 hours or more when the student is otherwise expected to be on campus or at an NUNM related clinic shift/activity; or
  • The student has not reached their specified destination for 24 hours or more past their anticipated arrival time; or
  • Other factors that lead NUNM staff to believe the student is missing.

If any of these circumstances lead to the belief a student is missing, an immediate investigation will be conducted and efforts will be made to reach the student in question. The following steps will be taken:

  • Notification of the emergency contact listed in SONIS.
  • Notification of the Portland Police Bureau with a request for a wellness check to the student’s residence.

When the missing student is located, the CARE (Crisis Assessment and REsponse) Team will assess the state of health and safety of the student to return to campus. If appropriate, a referral to the Counseling Center may be made.

If you believe a student is missing, please contact the Office of Student Life or Campus Safety and Security immediately.

Students are required to submit a local address and emergency contact during orientation. Students are strongly encouraged to periodically review and update their emergency contact and address information on SONIS. If you have questions on how to update your information, please contact the Registrar’s Office.

18.5 Crisis Assessment and REsponse Team (CARE Team)

The purpose of the NUNM Crisis Assessment and REsponse Team (CARE Team) is to help create, educate, promote and maintain a healthy and safe educational and work environment for all students, staff and faculty. The CARE Team is a trained group of staff and administrators who receive and assess reports on students who are displaying varied levels of disruptive, dangerous or distressed behavior; using established criteria, within the NUNM community. Upon review of reports, the CARE Team will assess the behavior(s) and provide support and services to the identified student. Support and services to the student could include, but are not limited to, referral for counseling, referral to the Honor Council or through the student conduct process, connection with advisors, medical withdrawals, and involuntary leave of absences, disability services and referral for psychological evaluation. In some cases, the recommended intervention for non-academic behavior issues may include suspension from NUNM. Students who are separated from the university can appeal the decision by following the procedures outlined in Section 14.14 No other outcomes are appealable. The CARE Team works within NUNM and with outside community resources to provide the services needed for a student in need. All reports are handled as confidential. The CARE Team adheres to all FERPA and HIPAA regulations, as well as counselor confidentiality. Questions or concerns regarding the CARE Team should be directed to the dean of students.

18.6 Crime Statistics

In compliance with federal requirements, NUNM submits annual campus crime statistics. These are available at: Information is also available in the Security Office and on the Campus Public Safety and Security portion of the NUNM website.

18.7 Emergency Closures

NUNM reserves the authority to cancel and reschedule classes, clinic shifts and work schedules due to emergencies. Determination of emergency situation status will be made by designated members of the University Planning Team.

The procedure described here is the same for all types of emergency closures. NUNM does NOT follow other school systems, but will have its own announcements on local television and radio stations:

TV:                  Channels 2, 6, 8 and 12

AM Radio:        620, 750, 860, 910, 1080, 1190, 1230, 1260, 1360, 1410, 1430 and 1490

FM Radio:        91.5, 92.3, 94.7, 97.1, 98.7, 99.5, 101.9, 103.3, 106.7 and 107.5


Decisions on closure of NUNM and clinics will be made early so that the media is notified in time for the information to be on the air by 6:30 a.m. When possible, the voicemail system message and NUNM website will be updated to reflect closures, but students should use the media listed above to get closure information.

If the NUNM academic buildings, research facility and clinics are closed, the media will be notified to show the closure as including “all.” However, it is possible that only NUNM academic buildings or only the clinics will be closed, so watch the media information carefully. When announcements indicate that the clinic is closed, this includes the NUNM Health Centers and all community clinics.

How to Decide What to Do

  • If you hear the university or the clinics are closed, you are not required to come to classes and access to the building will be restricted.
  • If you hear the university or the clinics are open, YOU must make the decision about coming to school.
  • If you come to NUNM and find that an instructor was not able to come in, be aware that each employee must make their own decision about travel safety. When possible (in classes that have a student telephone tree or email system) instructors will notify students at the top of the phone tree or by email, but you may still have made it to campus before you are notified. Please be understanding.
  • Be safe! Use TriMet if you are not accustomed to driving in the snow or ice. Realize that the parking lots may not be accessible due to ice or heavy snow accumulation.

18.8 Emergency Notification System

NUNM contracts with a third-party business to provide immediate notification to all students, staff and faculty in the event of an emergency. Notifications are sent via student email and home phone numbers listed in the student information system. Students may opt into additional notification processes. All students are required to keep all contact information up-to-date with the Registrar’s Office. 

NUNM uses the emergency notification system to communicate school closures and any emergency situations occurring on campus.

18.9 NUNM Emergency Evacuation Plan

NUNM has in place an emergency evacuation plan in the event of an incident that necessitates the evacuation of the campus. The evacuation plan can be found on the NUNM website. NUNM staff conduct trainings each year in compliance with local safety regulations.