Section 19: University Information

19.1 Student Suggestions

For any inquiries, complaints or suggestions that would benefit our campus community, please contact the Student Government Association or the Office of Student Life.

19.2 Community Hour

Community hour is held weekly for the purpose of sharing information between students and NUNM administration. Each organization shall have no more than one (1) community hour per term and/or no more than two (2) per academic year. Requests for presentation time can be submitted starting a term in advance, as early as week five (5). If you are interested in discussing a topic or presenting information, please contact the Office of Student Life.

19.3 Electronic Communications (Email and Moodle)

The official university communication method to students is through NUNM email. Each student is assigned a student email address upon matriculation. In addition, faculty, staff and the administration use electronic communication via course management software (Moodle) to communicate with students. All students must enroll in various department courses in Moodle to access information. Students are strongly encouraged to check their NUNM email account on a daily basis. Students are responsible for the information contained within email communications.

Students are responsible for any communication sent via email from faculty, staff and administration. For the clinical communications policies, see Section 4.3 in the Student Clinic section. In short, it is NUNM Health Centers policy NOT to use email to communicate with patients.

Students who are separating from the university due to graduation, leave of absence, suspension or expulsion will have their access to electronic communication discontinue by the following schedule:

  • Students who complete graduation requirements from the university: email accounts remain active 6 months after graduation.
  • Students who voluntarily withdraw from NUNM prior to graduation: email account will be disabled 30 days following the last date of enrollment (per Registrar’s Office records).
  • Students who are SUSPENDED: email account will be disabled within 30 days following the last date of enrollment (per Registrar’s Office records).
  • Students who are EXPELLED: email account will be disabled immediately upon receipt of notification by the dean of students.
  • Students with an approved Leave of Absence: email account will be disabled 1 week following the return date of the Leave of Absence (per Registrar’s Office records) if the student has not return to regular enrollment or otherwise notified by the Registrar’s Office.

19.4 Campus Bulletin Boards

Anyone wishing to post public notices on campus is required to submit their notices for approval by the appropriate department, which can be found on bulletin board signage. Postings for events sponsored by an NUNM business partner or for NUNM sponsored events charging fees paid to parties outside of the University must be submitted to the Office of Advancement for approval. These will be date-stamped and posted on the appropriate bulletin boards by the student and/or staff member. Notices not appropriately stamped will be removed.

Postings are allowed only on designated bulletin boards which are labeled. Please contact the listed department or administrator for additional questions on posting.

Postings are not allowed on lockers (other than the locker belonging to the student posting), mailboxes, exterior or interior doors or windows, wood trimmings and/or bathroom stalls. All bulletin boards will occasionally be cleared of posted material to make room for new information. Posted materials become the property of NUNM and will be retained or disposed of appropriately.