Section 2: NUNM Health Centers

2.1 NUNM Health Centers and Patient Services

NUNM is a small, urban academic medical center, recognized as a Tier 3 Patient-Centered Primary Care Home by the Oregon Health Authority, serving over 4,500 individual patients and providing over 35,000 visits annually throughout the tri-county area. With a main health center located on campus in the Lair Hill neighborhood, a satellite health center in downtown Beaverton, and numerous affiliated locations in Washington, Multnomah and Clackamas counties, the NUNM Health Centers provide the environment for the practice of outpatient clinical medicine. They offer a full range of services and therapeutic modalities, including but not limited to: primary care medicine, clinical nutrition, lifestyle counseling, homeopathy, acupuncture, botanical medicine, Chinese herbal medicine, hydrotherapy, physical medicine, Shiatsu massage, minor surgery, immunizations and parenteral therapy.

NUNM Health CentersLair Hill Medicinary Services

The NUNM Health Centers–Lair Hill medicinary has a large selection of the highest quality Western and Eastern natural medicines available. Its naturopathic products represent an extensive collection of superior products specifically formulated for a wide spectrum of health concerns. Included are a full range of bulk herbs, herbal tinctures, topical medicines, homeopathics and nutraceuticals. The medicinary has over 300 single Chinese herbs in two forms: crude bulk herbs and granules.

NUNM Health CentersLair Hill Laboratory Services

The NUNM Health Centers–Lair Hill maintains an on-site, outpatient laboratory, licensed in compliance with state and federal safety regulations, to serve the needs of patients seen in the clinic, as well as those referred by outside doctors. It is also a training site where student interns learn laboratory-related knowledge and techniques. Qualified lab personnel, who are well-versed in naturopathic lab testing and who work in compliance with state and federal safety regulations, provide excellent patient care, student education and naturopathic reference resources.

Teaching Rotations

NUNM Health Centers are designed to meet the needs of patients using student-practitioner treatment teams who work directly with patients to provide quality health care. The team-based visits provide the core of clinical training and are the forum in which students learn to diagnose, treat and provide both acute and long-term management of patient care, as well as preventive screenings.

2.2 NUNM and Community Health Collaborative

In addition to the NUNM Health Centers–Lair Hill and Beaverton locations, NUNM provides health services in partnership with 16 community clinics throughout the greater Portland area. By working with diverse communities, students gain an appreciation of different practice settings and become skilled at meeting the needs of various patient populations. The network of collaborative clinics gives students the opportunity to help medically underserved and diverse patient populations that require treatment for a wide range of health concerns.

In conjunction with other agencies and as a member of the Coalition of Community Health Clinics, NUNM offers low-cost medical care at sites that serve homeless youth, seniors and LGBTQ. NUNM Health Centers and community clinics also treat patients with drug and alcohol addictions, HIV and immunocompromised systems, and numerous other conditions.

Please refer to the NUNM website ( for a current list of our community health centers and affiliate partners.

2.3 Clinic Hours and Access

In order to provide greater access to and continuity of care for patients, and to accommodate students’ required academic schedules, NUNM Health Centers are open Monday–Saturday, with the exception of designated holiday closures. Hours vary on different days. A licensed physician or acupuncturist is always on-site throughout every patient visit. Additionally, due to the primary care aspect of naturopathic medicine, a licensed naturopathic physician is always available through a 24-hour on-call service.

2.4 Health Center Personnel

The following is an introduction to the many people who provide and support the clinical training process. For assistance, please contact the health center front-desk personnel or the Campus Information Center.

  • Executive administrator: oversees the financial affairs of the NUNM Health Centers, and commercial and marketing relationships with business associates
  • Dean of naturopathic medicine: responsible for the oversight of the academic, clinical, personnel and fiscal portions of the College of Naturopathic Medicine
  • Associate dean of naturopathic clinical education: oversees clinical assessment and curriculum for the College of Naturopathic Medicine
  • Associate dean of naturopathic residency: coordinates residents and their responsibilities
  • Dean of classical Chinese medicine: responsible for oversight of the academic, clinical, personnel and fiscal portions of the College of Classical Chinese Medicine
  • Associate dean of clinical education: oversees clinical assessment and curriculum for the College of Classical Chinese Medicine
  • Dean of health centers: oversees the financial and administrative affairs of the NUNM Health Centers and community clinics; is responsible for the health centers’ relationship with the university as a teaching institution; maintains the university’s relationships with outside clinical organizations
  • Chief medical officer (CMO): oversees and ensures the quality and safety of patient care at NUNM Health Centers; establishes clinical guidelines; and serves as the HIPAA compliance officer
  • Assistant to the CMO: coordinates with the CMO to facilitate trainings and quality control activities
  • Clinical faculty: supervise teaching shifts; responsible for patient care and clinic education
  • Residents: are licensed naturopathic physicians and Chinese medicine practitioners employed by the university to assist faculty physicians and students on teaching rotations
  • Director of operations: responsible for the daily and administrative functions of NUNM Health Centers, including operations, front desk and medical records
  • Health centers operations assistant manager: responsible for the implementation of health center operations projects, including operations, health information, trainings, and coordination of health center policies
  • Laboratory director: manages lab operations for NUNM Health Centers
  • Laboratory personnel: serve patients, students and doctors at the NUNM Health Centers lab
  • Operations coordinators: order and stock supplies for general clinic operations; responsible for safety issues in the clinics
  • Patient services representatives: serve patients, students and doctors through the front desk at NUNM Health Centers
  • Medical records coordinators: oversight of HIPAA regulations, processing all electronic medical records, scanning into the record, and case studies
  • Site specialist and data analyst: supports clinic staff, faculty and students in the use of the OCHIN Epic electronic health record system
  • Referral coordinator: manages all clinical referrals
  • Patient outreach coordinator: provides outreach to clinical patients for health maintenance and quality assurance support
  • Medicinary manager: manages the NUNM Health Centers–Lair Hill medicinary
  • Medicinary representatives: serve patients, students and doctors at the NUNM Health Centers–Lair Hill medicinary

These university staff members serve additional clinical needs.

  • Marketing and communications manager: coordinates clinic promotional and outreach events
  • Community health centers manager: responsible for the daily and administrative functions of the NUNM community health centers, including staffing, and procedural and reporting requirements
  • Community health centers operations coordinator: maintains medical and operational supplies for community health center sites and provides general support to the community health center staff, faculty and students
  • Community health centers volunteer and outreach coordinator: recruits, trains and supervises volunteers to staff front desks at our community health center sites; provides outreach for our community health center sites
  • Patient recruitment and retention coordinator: provides outreach and works with community organizations to ensure the community is aware of our services and to get them connected to the services provided through our current grants
  • Community health centers medicinary coordinators: coordinates medicinary services for NUNM community health centers
  • Information Center: schedules appointments at Lair Hill, Beaverton and several of our community health center sites
  • Registrar: manages academic schedules and assists the Center for Academic Success with academic advising
  • Associate registrar: schedules students for clinic rotations and preceptor lottery, tracks clinic attendance, serves as a liaison to community clinics and NUNM Health Centers
  • Assistant registrar: data entry for clinical proficiency objectives (CPOs), holiday shift forms, and make-up shift forms

2.5 Clinic Billing Policies and Procedures

NUNM Health Centers’ staff and faculty strive to offer excellent services that are available to a wide range of patients in order to facilitate the educational process of our students. To meet this need, to support those with limited access to health care and to provide affordable service to extended members of our community, NUNM Health Centers offer services at affordable prices through the Compassionate Care Program. For more information about our fees, please contact a clinic services representative or the Campus Information Center.

Insurance Billing

NUNM Health Centers are contracted providers with several third-party payers and bill patient insurance for services. Please contact the billing staff at NUNM Health Centers–Lair Hill for questions about eligible services and current insurance billing policies and procedures.