2020 Virtual Commencement + Presidential Installation

Saturday, June 27, 2020 | Vimeo

Join us as we celebrate the graduating Class of 2020, and the installation of Dr. Christine Girard as the 18th President of NUNM! Due to public health considerations, and Oregon’s Stay Home, Save Lives order, these ceremonies will be held virtually, and made available immediately afterward for sharing with friends, family, and colleagues.

Installation of Dr. Christine Girard

Dr. Christine Girard began her tenure as the President of NUNM on July 1, 2019. She previously served as Executive Vice President of Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine (SCNM), and is an NCNM alum. Ceremony details TBA.

Commencement Ceremonies


Noon PST: School of Undergraduate Studies

Featuring remarks from: Provost Smith, Student Speakers, Dean Irving, Ms. Lindsay Marshall, and President Girard.

1 p.m.: School of Graduate Studies

Featuring remarks from: Provost Smith, Student Speakers, Dean Kunert, Dr. Chelsie Falk, and President Girard.

2 p.m.: College of Classical Chinese Medicine

Featuring remarks from: Provost Smith, Student Speakers, Dr. Bob Quinn, Honored Guests, and President Girard.

3 p.m.: College of Naturopathic Medicine

Featuring remarks from: Provost Smith, Student Speakers, Dr. Heather Zwickey, Dean El-Hashemy, and President Girard.

Virtual Toast to Graduates

4 p.m. | Link in Email

This year, in place of an in-person Grad Party, NUNM will host a Virtual Toast to Grads immediately following the ND Commencement Ceremony. Join us on Zoom for a toast, raffle drawing, and the tassel turn!

Family, Guest, Viewer FAQs

Will the ceremonies be held live? No, the ceremonies will be 100% pre-recorded. However, they will be hosted on Vimeo live, so we’ll be watching them together!

Will there be any live component to the ceremonies? Yes! Each ceremony will be hosted on Vimeo, which allows for multiple viewers to watch the same video while commenting on a single feed. We will also post content on NUNM’s social media channels throughout the week.

How can I support my grad(s)? While attending Commencement, we highly encourage all viewers to leave a message of encouragement for the grad or grads they’re supporting in the ceremony Vimeo chat. Just like leaving a Facebook comment!

Can I attend the Virtual Toast? Of course! Check with your grad(s) to get the link sent out by Student Life.

Graduate FAQs

What is my Commencement checklist? Your checklist of things to complete before Commencement includes a few things you’ve probably already done, a few things that are required, and a few things that are completely optional. No matter your program, here are the things you need to take care of prior to the big day:

  1. Submit the Graduation Application form to the Registrar’s Office
    • Email to Julia: jreisinger@nunm.edu
  2. Order Josten’s grad regalia, if desired
  3. (BY JUNE 1) Record your name at our 2020 NameCoach site: https://www.name-coach.com/record/E77E70
  4. (BY JUNE 1) Submit the following information:
    • A professional headshot, grad photo, or nice picture of yourself (see below)
    • Your name, as you’d like it to be displayed
    • Any honors, or certificates/prior credentials you’ve completed

What are the rules for submitting a photo? Any photo submitted for a Commencement slide must meet the following before being accepted:

  • Please include it as an attachment on the email, not in the body.
  • Name the file: LastName-FirstName_ProgramAcronym.jpg (for example: Mia-Plant_ND-MSOM.jpg)
  • Minimum size: 1000×1000 pixels, can be longer on either side. If you can’t tell the dimensions, it should be around 1 MB in size.
  • We prefer a headshot or candid with your whole face in it and some of your upper torso. Please be facing the camera.
  • If you don’t have access to a professional but you do own a nice camera phone, use portrait mode to create your self-portrait.
  • The photo should be of only you, no group photos please.

Will I be on-camera? No. The ceremonies are pre-recorded, meaning you won’t have to be “on-camera” at any point (unless you partake in any live components). We would like to project your image along with your name, the program you are graduating from, and any honors of additional certificates you’ve earned. If you would rather not have your image projected, please let us know. Want help getting a great shot? See details about a free photoshoot with Alumnus Jenny Affan below.

How can I be sure that my name won’t be mispronounced? Record your name for us! Visit our 2020 NameCoach site –> https://www.name-coach.com/record/E77E70

I still want to order graduation regalia. How can I do that? The NUNM Jostens site is open through the end of June. After the site closes, you can work with Jostens directly or you can work with us–we’ll make sure your order is taken care of! Remember: this year, regalia is optional. It is still a wonderful keepsake to have. 

How about grad photos? This year, NUNM is happy to offer a voucher for a single grad photo or a professional headshot, provided by Jenny Affan Photography. If you are in the Portland Metro Area, and you want a photo to celebrate, contact Jenny for details!

When will I get my diploma? Your diploma will be mailed to you following the ceremonies. You should receive it sometime in mid- to late-July. The Registrar’s Office can handle any questions about diploma printing directly.

I left stuff behind. What about my locker/mailbox? You can clear out your locker and/or mailbox at any time within regular business hours. Graduating students will have until the end of the Summer term 2020 to retrieve any items left behind. If you are already home from school and are not able to return to Portland, and still have things in your locker or mailbox, let us know. We’ll get them to you. 

Is the Grad Party still happening? It’s still happening! It’ll just look a bit different (i.e. more virtual than in-person). Stay tuned for more details!

What about an in-person ceremony? Yup! Once state, local, and public health authorities have made the determination that large groups can resume congregating safely in the Portland Metro Area, we will create an in-person celebration for grads (most likely at the Lair Hill Campus).

So… do I have to participate? If you don’t want to, you don’t have to (although we really hope you do!). The beauty of a virtual world is the option to opt-in to things… so if a virtual commencement isn’t your jam, we totally understand. 

…can I still watch it back later? Yup! Recordings of each ceremony will be made available through NUNM’s commencement site and various social media channels following their initial broadcast. Expect to see them, and be able to share them, by Sunday, June 28!

Past Graduations