NUNM Clinic Benefit Plan

NUNM offers a student Clinic Benefit Plan (CBP) designed to maximize benefits and flexibility for our students.

The NUNM Clinic Benefit Plan includes the following benefits per quarter:

  • Four clinic visits with NO co–pay, does not include additional supplies or services.
  • 50 percent off of lab charges up to a total of $225 in charges.
  • 50 percent off ANY medicinal item in the Medicinary, up to $750 in charges, no prescription required.

The charge for the Clinic Benefit Plan is $200 per term. All enrolled students, not just those on the student health insurance, will be assessed this charge, although students may opt out of the CBP. Opt–out forms will be available in the Business Office and Student Life. Students may add dependents to the plan for an additional cost per dependent. All opt–out forms are due by the end of week two of any given term to the Business Office.

Students may opt out in any quarter. Students choosing to opt out of the CBP will be removed from the plan for the entire school year unless they specifically opt back in.

Benefits do NOT accrue; benefits begin the first day of the quarter and end the day before the next quarter begins. Unused benefits from a previous quarter are not available in the next quarter. Should a student exhaust his/her quarterly benefit, clinic, lab, and Medicinary services will revert to public pricing subject to whatever discount structure is then in place.

Please refer any questions regarding the NUNM Clinic Benefit Plan to:

Bob Jackson
Student Transactions, Business Office