Tuition & Fees

2016–2017 NUNM Tuition & Fees

All costs are based on NUNM’s standard academic year of fall/winter/spring (9-months) Graduate program books and supplies are estimated at $1,000 for the first year.

Degree Programs1st Yr Avg Credits per Program/Rate per Credit Hour****Estimated Tuition, 1st Program YearEst. Lab Fees,* Books & SuppliesEst. Total-First Year

Graduate Programs

ND83 / $414$34,362$1,500$35,862
DSOM61 / $414$25,254$1,880$27,134
MSOM46 / $414$19,044$1,500$20,544
MSiMR41 / $414$16,974$1,000$17,974
MScN61 / $414$25,254$1,500$25,754
MScGH48 / $414$19,872$7,500$27,372
MSiMH**11 / $414$4,554$1,000$5,554
Concurrent ND/Masters***75 / $414$31,050$2,000$33,050

Undergraduate Programs

BS -Integrated Health Science43 / $195$8,385$200$8,585
BS-Nutrition43 / $195$8,385$200$8,585

* Lab Fees are based on average fees. Global Health Fee is charged over three quarters.

**Mental health Program Costs are based on average credit load for the first year. For 2016–2017 this is available as an add-on program only to currently enrolled students and not available as a stand alone program

*** Concurrent Degree Programs based on standard ND/MSOM estimates

****Per credit hour rate is based on a projected increase, subject to change without notice.

Academic, Lab & Miscellaneous Fees–ND, MSOM, MAc

View the full schedule of fees.

Other Expenses

Students are required to purchase textbooks and other personal equipment, including name tags and business cards, as well as basic diagnostic equipment, for use in courses and clinic. These costs vary from year to year. Please see the current college catalog for current information.

Summer Quarter Tuition

The ND and CCM programs require summer term attendance for a minimum of one summer quarter. Curriculum layouts, including summer quarter requirements can be found on the NUNM website. The ND/MSOM and ND/MAc concurrent tracks require attendance of three summer quarters.

2016 Summer Tuition—$402 per credit for continuing students and $414 for students matriculating in summer term. MSiMR courses are at the per credit rate of $526 for students who entered the MSiMR program before fall 2014. All students enrolled in MSiMR after this date will be charged the current per credit rate of $414.