Tuition & Fees

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2017-2018 Undergraduate Tuition Rate

Incoming (First Year) Students$225 per hour
Returning Students$199 per hour

2017-18 Graduate Tuition Rate

Graduate Students$422 per hour

Cost of Attendance (Tuition Only)

To calculate an estimated cost of attendance for your program you can refer to the student Course Catalog and apply the tuition rate to the total credit hours required for your program of study. Please note that tuition rates may increase annually between 3-5% on average.

Academic, Lab & Miscellaneous Fees–ND, MSOM, MAc

View the full schedule of fees.

Other Expenses

Students are required to purchase textbooks and other personal equipment, including name tags and business cards, as well as basic diagnostic equipment, for use in courses and clinic. These costs vary from year to year. Please see the current college catalog for current information.

Payment of Tuition & Fees

Please see our Payments page and Financial Responsibilities page for details on paying your student tuition.