Academic Success


In order to maintain educational standards, NUNM expects one hundred percent (100%) attendance at classes and clinical rotations. Students who do not attend the first day of class or the first shift of a clinical rotation without an excused absence may be dropped from that course.

  • NUNM 2018-19 Student Handbook
    • Attendance Policy: Section 4 of the Student Handbook
    • Clinic Attendance Policy: Section 6 of the Student Clinic Handbook
    • Grading Policy: Section 5 of the Student Handbook

Testing Center

The NUNM Testing Center, managed by the Center for Academic Success, is for students with eligible academic accommodations and those with approved excused absences, who need to make up missed didactic exams. Questions regarding the Testing Center can be sent to

Disability Services

Students with documented disabilities are encouraged to work with the Director of Academic Success & Access to discuss possible academic accommodations. All documentation that is submitted must be current within the last five years and must accompany the online Accommodation Request Form. For more information regarding NUNM’s Disability and Accommodation Services please contact the Director of Academic Success & Access or review the NUNM University Student Handbook policy. Additional information can be found in the Accommodation Information Packet.

Peer Tutoring

The Center for Academic Success oversees the Peer Tutoring program at NUNM. They assist students, in all programs, who are seeking additional support in their coursework. Receiving tutoring is free of cost and work study money may be available for those who tutor.

To request a tutor please submit the form below and an Academic Advisor will contact you with further information.

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If you have questions about the Peer Tutoring program or would like to sign up to be a tutor, please contact the Center for Academic Success at