Diversity & Inclusion

NUNM Allies

NUNM Allies are a visible network of faculty and staff who provide empathy, acceptance, support and resources for NUNM’s community members. NUNM Allies believe our campus is enriched by the diversity of its community members and are willing to assist individuals in accessing support, information and resources in a mutually respectful and safe space.


The mission of AWARE (Actively Working to Advance Real Equity) is to create a culture of inclusion at NUNM, guide the effective recruitment and retention of diverse faculty, students and staff, and to promote excellence in natural medicine by providing culturally and linguistically appropriate education and health care.

Goal of AWARE: Create an environment at NUNM that is genuinely welcoming to all community members, with an emphasis on preparing students to work with the diversity they will encounter in all their professional activities.

Please contact Ayasha Shamsud-Din, Director of Equity and Inclusion, with any questions regarding Staff and Faculty AWARE.


StudentsAWARE is a student organization dedicated to the facilitation, education, and development of social justice issues, both on campus and in the community.  The mission of StudentsAWARE (Actively Working to Advance Real Equity) is to support AWARE in creating a culture of inclusion at NUNM (National University of Natural Medicine). Our goals include promoting culturally and linguistically appropriate health care, improving the curriculum to include a stronger understanding of diversity and provide students with the tools and experiences needed to competently serve diverse populations.

The goals of StudentsAWARE are: to practice, motivate, organize, educate and dialogue with students and faculty on issues, perspectives and concerns related to social justice. We seek to raise consciousness on issues related to classism, homophobia, racism, sexism, and all forms of discrimination. All members are expected to work within this framework. One of the key goals is to create a safe learning environment at the National University of Natural Medicine.

Questions? Please email StudentsAWARE.

Educational Access, Disability and Academic Accommodations

Includes tutoring, peer mentor, disability services and the NUNM Counseling Center.

Non-traditional Students

Students at NUNM are of diverse ages and come from a variety of backgrounds and previous careers.  A majority of our students could be considered “Non-traditional Students.”  Many students have families, and/or are transitioning back into the lifestyle of a student for the first time in many years. Educational Access and Accommodations resources can help create a smoother transition.