SGA Enrichment Scholarship Contest

Applications due Friday, Feb. 19, 2021, at 11:59 p.m.

Did you recently attend an enriching conference/workshop (virtual or in person) and would like to share your learned knowledge with your fellow peers? Learn how you can win $500 for developing a short presentation for this quarter’s virtual enrichment hour!

Submit a proposal for a short (~30min) presentation about what you learned and be eligible to receive a scholarship.

  • Applications due by: May 28th at 11:59pm
  • Decision made by: June 1st at 12pm
  • Virtual Enrichment Hour: June 11th from 11:30am-12:30pm

CONTACT: Dani Stough (

Enrichment Scholarship Information and Application

SGA Enrichment Scholarship Winners

Toxic Mold Exposure – Tommy Hughes: Winter 2021

Pelvic Floor Therapy and Myofascial Release – Amelia R. Cohn: Winter 2021

Quantum Neurology – Colin Miller: Fall 2020

MORE – Ryan Wexler: Fall 2020

Naturopathic Reproductive Psychiatry: a Synthesis from Postpartum International 32nd annual Conference – Emily Whitson: Fall 2019

Visceral Manipulation: Manual care that the patient can feel – Colin Miller: Fall 2019

Dignity & Hyperthermia in Cancer Care – Christina McClure: Spring 2019

Biofield Tuning – Anna Jaquith: Spring 2019

Top Down and Bottoms Up Approach to Epilepsy – Hayleigh Ast: Spring 2019 

To Fecal Transplants and Beyond – Khaleed Alston: Winter 2019

Mud Stomping with Felke, Water Treading with Kneipp – Katelyn Bailey: Fall 2018

Pioneers in Nutrition – Tommy Hughes: Fall 2018

Connective tissue – Melissa Barber: Spring 2018

Fighting Monkey Practice – Nathan Wagner: Spring 2018

Total Body Modification – Lana Ferris: Winter 2018

Water Fasting – Mikailah Grover: Winter 2018

From Gastro to Guidance – Julie Rhodes: Fall 2017

Treating the Root – Krista Dunn: Fall 2017