SGA Enrichment Scholarship Contest

Applications due Friday, February 21, 2020 at noon

Did you recently attend an amazing conference you would like to share with your peers? Submit a proposal for a short (~30min) presentation about what you learned and be eligible to receive a scholarship.

Enrichment Scholarship Information and Application

Presentations will take place during SGA Enrichment Hour in Week 10, date and time to be determined. Attendees will be meeting with winners to hear about their experiences regarding the conferences they’ve attended.

SGA Enrichment Scholarship Winners

Naturopathic Reproductive Psychiatry: a Synthesis from Postpartum International 32nd annual Conference – Emily Whitson: Fall 2019

Visceral Manipulation: Manual care that the patient can feel – Colin Miller: Fall 2019

Dignity & Hyperthermia in Cancer Care – Christina McClure: Spring 2019

Biofield Tuning – Anna Jaquith: Spring 2019

Top Down and Bottoms Up Approach to Epilepsy – Hayleigh Ast: Spring 2019 

To Fecal Transplants and Beyond – Khaleed Alston: Winter 2019

Mud Stomping with Felke, Water Treading with Kneipp – Katelyn Bailey: Fall 2018

Pioneers in Nutrition – Tommy Hughes: Fall 2018

Connective tissue – Melissa Barber: Spring 2018

Fighting Monkey Practice – Nathan Wagner: Spring 2018

Total Body Modification – Lana Ferris: Winter 2018

Water Fasting – Mikailah Grover: Winter 2018

From Gastro to Guidance – Julie Rhodes: Fall 2017

Treating the Root – Krista Dunn: Fall 2017