Other Financial Policies

Change of Track

A change of track requires a signature from the program dean. All change of track requests must be completed by week eight of the quarter prior to the quarter in which the change takes effect.

When a student is accepted into a concurrent (ND/MSOM or ND/MAc) track, no change of track fee will be assessed for the initial change; however, any subsequent changes will be assessed a change of track fee.

Student Financial Responsibilities

  • When students register for classes at NUNM, they incur charges on their account. Students are responsible for payment of all charges on their account by the due date, even if another party is paying the account.
  • Students experiencing financial problems in the payment of any tuition and fees are responsible for contacting the Business Office to make satisfactory arrangements.
  • Students are responsible for keeping NUNM informed of their current address and should submit address changes to the Registrar’s Office immediately upon moving.
  • Students are responsible for formally withdrawing from classes they wish to drop. Students who fail to formally drop classes during the refund period are responsible for the tuition charges. (See section on Add and Drop Policy.)
  • Any assessment or judgment against a student for damage to NUNM property, whether arising from a Student Conduct Code proceeding or a court action, shall be considered money due NUNM as if it were tuition. No transcripts or diplomas will be released to the student until the amount due the university has been paid. The Business Office may also block future registration.

NOTE: The university is not responsible for any loss of, or damage to, the personal property of a student.