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NUNM Clubs & Organizations

NUNM has many active student groups on campus overseen by the Student Government Organization (SGA). These include professional organizations, as well as clubs of common interest and leisure. If you can’t find an organization in which you’re interested and have an idea to start your own, students are encouraged to do so! SGA will even donate monies to get the movement going.

Contact the SGA Clubs and Organizations Liaison or SGA page (either website or their Moodle page) for more information including how to become a club.

NUNM Clubs

Club Name

Mission Statement

Anthroposophical Medicine ClubThe Anthroposophical Medicine Club’s mission is to bring a new medical perspective to NUNM by bridging scientific research with intuitive insight, an approach first developed by Rudolf Steiner. Through lectures from the Anthroposophical community, NUNM students will expand their diagnostic abilities and be able to offer more individualized treatment plans to their patients.
Ayurveda ClubThe mission of the Ayurveda Club is to bring awareness, understanding, and knowledge of the Ayurvedic system of health and wellbeing to the students, faculty, and community of NUNM. Members and our community will gain exposure and knowledge in the field of Ayurveda through discussion, practical application, guest speakers, and community events hosted by the club. Meetings are open to all students and faculty who seek to gain knowledge of Ayurveda for personal or professional application.
Chinese Herbal Formulae ClubWe will honor the path of Huang Di and Qi Bo as we actively engage with our teacher in contemplation to cultivate a deeply personal relationship with the beauty, symbolism and practical applications of Chinese herbal formulae.
Drainage ClubThe mission of this club is to provide students with philosophical and clinical information in regard to using Drainage Therapy/Modalities in a clinical setting.
Drummers NUNMThe purpose of NUNM Drummers is to bring drum beats, excitement, school spirit, and joy to various NUNM events including but not limited to Graduation, Clap-In, Clap-out, Commencement, and so on
Entrepreneurship ClubThe NUNM Entrepreneurship Club shall bring together all members of the University community interested in entrepreneurship, promote and facilitate the study and practice of entrepreneurship, connect student members with experienced alumni and local entrepreneurs, encourage interest in innovation and enterprise creation and develop aspiring entrepreneurs into motivated, ethical, and dynamic business leaders.
Global Health ClubThe Global Health Club strives to promote awareness and education of both healthcare systems and health disparities in countries around the world. By coming alongside existing communities, we strive to collaborate in developing a healthier global population.  We aim to bring integrative medical care to the global level by facilitating discussion of ways to promote natural medicine and nutrition in various cultural settings. As a club, we are looking to learn from other cultures, as well as provide global health and wellness education to others. We hope to foster relationships at the local level for collaboration of a dynamic community dedicated to inquiry, cooperation, and creative problem-solving, and increase access for students to work towards reducing global health disparities both locally and abroad.
Herb SocietyThe Herb Society's mission is to actively facilitate deeper connection between students and the medicinal plants they are studying. We promote understanding by designing and making available extracurricular activities for students such as speaker events, skill-shares, and plant meditations. We support furthering our shared connection to the healing power of Nature. Come explore with us!
Homeopathy ClubHomeopathy club is here to keep the practice of Homeopathy alive in the NUNM community by helping students further explore the foundations, approaches and healing that homeopathy can bring.
Martial Movement ClubOur mission is to provide a safe, educational environment for students and faculty, utilizing the traditions of East Asian and Western arts to promote health and balance. Together, with deliberate practice of these arts we will work to learn and promote their tenants and inherent health benefits.
Midwifery ClubThe purpose of this organization shall be to bring the birth community together at NUNM providing support, information, and a forum for discussion. The birth community includes not only those planning to become naturopathic midwives, but also people interested in women’s health, pediatrics, learning about the field, and in supporting naturopathic midwifery. Everyone is welcome to join and to attend any meeting or event.
NUNM Naturopathic Pediatrics ClubThe NUNM Naturopathic Pediatric Club's mission it to help students interested in pediatrics and family medicine find colleagues, follow current research, and learn from experts in the field. Monthly meetings will include discussions on developments in pediatric research, barriers to pediatric care, and modalities specific to pediatrics. Club activities will include critical review of books and literature on pediatrics and organizing specialized presentations by practitioners working with children and families.
Oncology ClubTo provide an educational resource for students at NUNM interested in the field of oncology through explorations of integrative and natural approaches to the treatment of cancer.
Pao Zhi ClubRaising awareness of traditional methods of processing Chinese medicinal herbs through discussion as well as participation in production process in an effort to develop the facilities and knowledge necessary to sustain a clinically feasible application of traditional Chinese herbal preparation at NUNM and in the broader community.
Pediatric Acupuncture ClubTo educate and train its members in non-invasive medical techniques such as 'shonishin,' suitable for children and other patients for whom traditional needling is contraindicated.
NUNM Pelvic Floor ClubThe purpose of the NUNM Pelvic Floor Club is to offer resources and skill refinement for those students interested in exploring and expanding their knowledge about pelvic floor function, dysfunction, and holistic treatment options, primarily involving pelvic floor rehabilitation and similar therapies.
Personal Growth and Healing ClubThe purpose of this organization shall be to facilitate the psychological and spiritual aspects of students' human beingness. Self-development, personal and spiritual growth, and aspects of emotional healing will be explored through sharing resources, practices, and developing more open and honest relationships. This will be conducted through various discussions, classes, workshops, and through active involvement with Portland's Naturopathic Psychospiritual Collaborative.
Somatic Re-education ClubTo promote the study and practice of Somatic Re-Education as a valuable and unique healing tool for Naturopathic and Chinese medicine Physicians.
Sports Medicine ClubThe Sports Medicine Club strives to provide NUNM students of all programs with experiences, information, and resources to enable future practitioners to provide safe, effective, and well-informed integrative care to athletes.
Student Alliance of Integrative MedicineTo foster collaboration among students of various health professions in order to deepen awareness of the contributions of all medical systems for the purpose of promoting health and optimizing patient care.
Students Aware (Actively Working to Advance Real Equity)StudentsAWARE is a student organization dedicated to educating ourselves and each other about health and social justice issues on campus, in our communities, and in our professions, and to supporting each other in our work towards equity.

The mission of StudentsAWARE (Actively Working to Advance Real Equity) is to support AWARE in creating a culture of inclusion at NUNM (National University of Natural Medicine). Our goals include promoting culturally and linguistically appropriate health care, improving the curriculum to include a stronger understanding of diversity and provide students with the tools and experiences needed to competently serve diverse populations.

The goals of StudentsAWARE are: to practice, motivate, organize, educate and dialogue with students and faculty on issues, perspectives and concerns related to social justice. We seek to raise consciousness on issues related to classism, homophobia, racism, sexism, and all forms of discrimination. All members are expected to work within this framework. One of the key goals is to create a safe learning environment at the National University of Natural Medicine.
Student Doctors for Ethnic DiversityThe Student Doctors for Ethnic Diversity Club aims to expand the awareness of the contributions from various ethnic communities to the advancement of natural medicine and healthcare and to provide and promote a network for personal and professional development and future and current natural medicine practitioners. We wish to promote a greater understanding and appreciation of ethnic diversity within and around the NUNM community by supporting education, research, advocacy, volunteering, and other outreach programs.
Student Eating Disorder Alliance As a group, we exist to explore the intricacies of human experience around food, body image, and disordered eating. In addition to weekly meetings that invite personal reflection through a variety of individual and collective practices, we host a visible support network and conduct awareness outreach at NUNM and within its Portland environs. Unifying these endeavors is a desire to create a safe space for individuals in recovery, with a broader goal of generating dialogue around the subject of our bodies and how we nourish them.
Sufi Music & MovementBridging traditions and worlds, Sufi Music & Movement seeks to introduce students to spiritual practice in the Sufi tradition and to provide a gathering space for all seekers on the spiritual path.
Women's Health Interest GroupThe NUNM Women’s Health Interest Group is an organization of naturopathic medical students interested in exploring opportunities in women’s health. We aim to discuss current topics in women’s health, to develop our clinical skills and to connect with other students, physicians and mentors in the field. Come join us!
Yoga CollectiveTo foster a community for exploring, understanding and promoting the practice of Yoga and Meditation as natural healing modalities, which support joyful balance and self-cultivation for patients and practitioners alike.