Graduation December 2012

dec12_graduationDecember 7, 2012

NCNM Great Hall, Portland, Oregon

Now it is your time to go out in the world and get engaged. Get engaged with your patients first. Every step you take with them will be a healing one for them and a learning one for you. Listen, negotiate, do what you believe to be the right thing. Every encounter with a patient will bring change, sometimes small, sometimes profound.

—Dr. Jill Sanders, Dean of NCNM Clinical Operations.  Read Dr. Sanders’ address in its entirety.

Congratulations to the December graduates of the class of 2012!

Degrees Awarded

  • Dr. Michelle Crowder (ND)
  • Dr. Erin Mullaney (ND)
  • Dr. Mia Potter (ND)
  • Dr. Stephanie Mottola (ND)

Commencement Address

Dr. Jill Sanders, Dean of NCNM Clinical Operations.