NUNM TB Screening FAQs

Who needs a TB test at NUNM?

All students, employees and volunteers are required to be tested for TB as the risk of contracting TB in a medical setting may be high. Incoming new students, students returning from over one year of leave, and students who have spent more than two weeks traveling to areas of the world where TB is endemic must be tested.

Why do I need to be screened for TB?

Tuberculosis (TB) is a highly infectious, serious disease that is prevalent among certain populations in the United States and other countries, and presents a significant risk to healthcare workers exposed to patients who may have contracted TB. Healthcare facilities are required to ensure that employees exposed to at-risk populations are free of TB to prevent transmission of the disease. They are also required to identify employees who may have been exposed to TB prior to being hired.

When do I have to have the TB test done by?

Students are required to adhere to the TB testing policy prior to matriculation in classes.

Where do I get my TB test done?

At the NUNM Health Centers–Lair Hill lab, 3025 SW Corbett Avenue, Portland.

Can I submit a previous TB test?

Yes, only if you have already been tested for TB by QuantiFERON Gold or TB SPOT TB within the last year. Please fax to 503.226.8133. If you have not previously been tested or you were tested by a different method (including a BCG Tuberculin or PPD skin test) we require that you be tested in the NUNM facilities. NUNM uses the T-SPOT TB test that measures T cells primed to Mycobacterium tuberculosis (MTB) antigens.

What if my results come back non-negative?

If a T-SPOT TB test comes back indeterminate or positive, students will be informed via email. An indeterminate or positive TB test result doesn’t necessarily mean you have TB or latent TB. It means that at some point you could have been exposed to TB bacteria, which can be in your lungs. All non-negative test are required to get a chest x-ray to make sure you do not have active communicable TB.

What if I don’t hear anything after I take my TB test?

No news is good news. Students are not notified if their TB test comes back negative.

Do I have to pay for my TB test?

The cost of the TB test will be charged to your student account. Students are also responsible for the cost of an x-ray if needed.