Graduation 2011

June 25, 2011
Portland Art Museum, Mark Building, Portland, Oregon

“…The goal surely ought not be to distinguish the traditional from the modern, but rather to make available to all the entire range of medical modalities that have inspired humanity since the dawn of consciousness.”
~Dr. Wade Davis   Read Dr. Davis’ speech in its entirety.

Congratulations to the class of 2011! Proudly graduating 101 naturopathic doctors and Chinese medicine practitioners.

Degrees Award

Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine: 68
Master of Science in Oriental Medicine: 6
Dual Degree – Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine/Master of Science in Oriental Medicine: 7
Master of Acupuncture: 15
Dual Degree – Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine/Master of Acupuncture: 5

Commencement Addresses

Student Commencement Addresses

Classical Chinese Medicine Class of 2011:  W. Keith McDonald
Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine Class of 2011:  Mark Gabriel Davis, Gabriel Durben, Nolan K. Noska, Leah Michelle Olsen, Emily Jane Simonis, Anna Irene Wieman

Commencement Address

Wade Davis, PhD

Honorary Degree Recipient (Doctor of Letters)

Wade Davis, PhD

Presidential Medallion Recipient

Donald Warren, ND, Alumnus (1984)

“Never before has there been a greater potential for naturopathic medicine to be integrated into the health care system…but it comes with both risks and great promise.  You, the class of 2011 and those who follow you will have the privilege  of determining what our profession will look like thirty years from now.”   Read Dr. Warren’s entire speech.

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