Graduation 2010

June 26, 2010
Portland Art Museum, Mark Building, Portland, Oregon

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Degrees Awarded

Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine (ND): 78
Master of Science in Oriental Medicine (MSOM): 15
Combined ND/MSOM: 6
Combined ND/MAc: 1
Master of Acupuncture (MAc): 2

Student Address

Emaline D. Gray, MSOM Class of 2010
George L. Gonzales, ND Class of 2010

Commencement Address

Loch Chandler, MSOM, ND, Alumnus (2001)

Professional Leadership Awards

Shirley Snow, ND – Presidential Medallion

Lester Griffith, ND, Alumnus (1975) – Honorary Degree: Doctor of Laws

“…These are interesting times because we are going through one of the world’s most all encompassing transition periods. Almost any single thing that we choose to look at is in transition from one state to another.  Politics.  Religion.  Energy.  Business.  Education.  Health care.  Social issues.

The old ways becoming the new ways. Change happening everywhere. Change scares people and can bring about great resistance.  But change is as inevitable as one day rolling into the next.  How we respond to this great transition … these inevitable changes … will be the mark we leave on history.

The answer to getting through this most difficult period and the answer to these questions are the same. It is as old as civilization and is the mark of a mature people and is still the strongest tool that we can employ for healing the sick. It is simply to express the love that being alive has instilled in us! …Love is nature’s greatest healing force and is the reason for life itself.  We need to become beacons and let the love shine out! The world will continue to change, but what wondrous, marvelous changes there will be!!”– Dr. Lester Griffith